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Mustafa Poursina


The first online grave  in the world.

 There were many people who live on this Earth and died. Nobody knows their lives .It seemed they never lived except some famous people like kings, scientists ,great religious leaders and etc.In the other words we don’t know what people will tell about us after our death. whether the judge about us better than what we are or less.so I like they hear about me by my own autobiography ,too.Its interesting to say that there are many graves left alone in the graveyards and nobody visit them, because its descendants are either too busy or too far to attend at the grave. At last I  can declare I set up the first online grave in the world ( this website ) as my online grave not to be forgotten,those who love me be able to meet my online grave whenever and wherever they are and hear  about me by myself.

The first gravetree in the world.

I don’t know who performed the idea of tree grave for the first time because there are many graves with tree on them in Iran and some other countries.I tried to find out where these trees grew on these graves by themselves or somebody planted them.So I don’t claim that I’m the first one who performed this idea but at least im the first one who tries to make familiar all people of the world with this idea.And also I hope  to encourage other people to use gravetree in all over the world by reading my website. Please introduce this web to your friends in order to cooperate in this WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN .

the first online grave in the world

Why did I prefer the gravetree to gravestone?

First of all gravetree is a new word I named it two days ago. I mean planting a tree on the grave instead of a gravestone by saying it.

I don’t want my children to put a gravestone on my grave and waste two meters of land by doing that because nothing will grow on the stones. So I the plant a tree on my grave instead of a grave stone after Im buried like other people. Then they hang my little identification plug on it. It has at least two uses:

1-They can cut the tree and sell it to spend the money on x every some years.

2-These green trees will bring about fresh air and oxygen for all alive people.

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