Famous inscriptions on the gravestone

Workers of all lands unite.
The philosophers have only
interpreted the world in various ways;
the point is to change it.
Karl Marx

Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night:
God said, ‘Let Newton be!’ and all was light.
written by Alexander Pope
Sir Isaac Newton
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
Dean Martin
A master of comedy
His genius in the art of humor
Brought gladness
To the world he loved.
Stan Laurel

The Stone the Builders Rejected
Jack London

Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,
To digg the dust encloased heare!
Blest be the man that spares thes stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones.
William Shakespeare
And alien tears will fill for him
Pity’s long-broken urn,
For his mourners will be outcast men,
And outcasts always mourn.
Oscar Wilde

Against you I will fling myself,
unvanquished and unyielding, O Death!
Virginia Woolf