my will

01 my will

 In the name of God

1- My present house and half of my garden and my whole salary should be given to my wife after my death .My sons can take other parts of wealth. They can divide it between themselves equally.

2- After the death of my wife her wealth (that I gave her) should be divided between my nephews ( both boys and girls) equally.

3- Here I ( Mustafa Poursina )declare that my children and wife should donate my organ to any people who needs it .They do not ask about their nationality, language, religion, race, and sex. Just donate it. Donate all parts of my body. If nothing is remained to burry, they should not afraid because my God can find me anywhere I am even they dismantle me to thousand parts. God will assemble all my organs in the Doomsday again.

4- I want my children not to put a gravestone on my grave. They plant a tree on my grave instead of a grave stone after I am buried like other people. Then they hang my little identification plug on it.




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