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I prefer not to tell anything about my thoughts and charachter here, because I invented a method for the others to find it.I named this  method wordmeancharacterography which means knowing others thoughts by meaning that they use for words.

Here is a wordmeancharacterography about me:

Anger: If we don’t control it, it can be more dangerous than an atomic bomb.

Affection: It can conquer every heart.

Addiction: It’s the gate of full destruction

Enemy: Theyre like traffic signs which mean be careful.

Exercises: calms us better than any medicines

Daughter: cares for parents for ever

Son: theyre like walking stick for their parents old age.

Death: unfinished film of every human.

Wife: The half incomplete  part of her husband.

Husband: : The half incomplete  part of his wife.

Love: like a person without any reason and logic.

Jealous: sef-immolation

Revenge: repetition of the opposite part.

Kiss: lovely shock

Repentance: eternal promise

Football players: The babysitter of government with high wages.

Mother: A tree that gives shade to all the family.

Gamble: Its like salty water .The more you drink the more you get thisty.

Sister: A copy of your mother

Cheque: A promise written on a piece of ice.

Night: A part of heaven

Hope: human doping for achieving the hard target.

Disappointment: a useful means for being defeated.

Sin: Its like planting weed seed in your clean garden.

Soldier: The most devoted countryman

Mother in law: She tries to replace herself with your mother.

Overeating: It is like pouring food into garbage bin.

Boast: At last it blasts like a

Peace: spoiling the grudge doccument

Injustice: Planting grudge< hate and revenge in oppressed heart.

Respecting our parents:

War: self-immolation


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