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My place of birth

Hello dear stranger, my name is Moustafa poursina, a shepherd who became a teacher by working and studying hard. I wish peace and freedom for all people of the world with any nationality, language, religion, race, and sex because I believe if it happens all of us will be lucky.

Welcome to my website .I dnot know in which universe, galaxy, constellation . planet, continent, or country you live.but I live in solar system.

On its most beautiful planet, the Earth.
22 globe and hands
I am in Asia, in the biggest continent of the Earth.

22 Asia

I am a citizen of an ancient country in Asia which is called Iran
22 iran

The map of my country is like a cat.So you can locate it on the world map easily.

22 iran on globe

My family were from mazandaran (a green province in the south of Iran) beside the Caspian Sea

22 Iran Mazandaran

They lived in mahdiabad village which is near behshar city.this village is located near Miankaleh Peninsula (the paradise of wild birds and animals).

22 Caspean sea and Miyankaleh penninsola
Our house was a little hut which was a happy place for me and my big family.

I think it was the happiest place for me in the world.

22-Earth and Hut


My birthdate

In the first day of the third month of winter in 1331 a.h.(1953) when the freezing temperature of winter still ruled over the nature around our small village.

And somke still rose from chimneys of the houses and cottages.


21 house and smoke

Crickets were chirping in our hut constantly.


Right that time the wolves were howling in the near jungle around us to declare the comminig of the night.

21 wolf and night

The weather was too cold for the snakes to come out of their holes.

    21 snake in a hole


The birds also were not able to sing because of thirst and hunger.

21 magpie

The bears were still hibernating in the caves.

21 bear sleeping

The rabbits were terembling from cold.

21 rabbit in winter

Suddenly, The foxes also began to scream individually and in group.

21 fox

The lambs were so terrified that they even were afraid of their own shadows.

21 lamb and shadow

The wind howled wildly by hitting our cottages.

21 hut and wind

Right At 10 oclock In that cold and strange night An old an lady came out of our cottage and said,the baby is born.its a son. And she went away.

21 old lady

In this way I was born at such an exciting cold night in our hut.

21 baby

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