My parents 


My father was a faithful man. 

He was very honest like many people of  that time., he was exemplary trust ful.  For example, I can qoute a story that  the clergyman of our village repeated in his preaching many times.

A woman from our village lost her gold necklace while she was working on her farm         .Her family looked for it many days but they couldn’t find it. Ten Years later, when my fathers sheep were grazing on that farm he found the necklace. He immediately returned the necklace to the woman without asking for any reward. His act caused people admire him very much. He was very religious because I always woke up with the sound of  his morning prayers .At the end of his life he had a heart attack and he was nearly in coma for 15 days in a hospital . I was with him all those 15 days. I noticed he murmured  his prayers many times .I wondered how he didn’t forget his prayers as he didn’t know us at all.

28  shepherd

28  gold

Although my father was illiterate but by having a strong memory he was like a computer for the villagers

My father memorized the birthday of all of our  relative, as well as many of his fellow citizens .He calculated the total sum and the amount of milk sold by other shepherds for them by his rosary beads. If you read  a math problem form your school  He would answer it as soon as possible.


28  calculating


My mother was a housewife.she was a strong and clever lady.ladies were leading the families in that time.families could not resist without their hard task.my mother also took care of our family .she did her job so well that everybody admired her.

28  milking


My mother was generous and also a skilled cook.

My mother was very generous .Although her meals were simple but she shared it with others eagerly .Many people steal remember her for this manner.  Her cooking  was very excellent. she made a wonderful delicious stew from a wild plant called Salmeh that I will never forget its taste .She even made a wonderful stew From another wild plants which she called it  Zolang .It is interesting to say that she didn’t use oil in most of these stews.  because we ran out of oil most of the time due to financial difficulties and were not able to buy it. Yet وI wonder how it was  possible for her to cook those tasty foods with that few simple materials . Some of the food that she made named, Egreh , Hekshi , Kelva , Tafreo ,Havrisht , Ghavermeh , Doopati , Bnehbazehash , Sheshandaz ,Asyogali , Fatir and….. Qavrmh, Dvpty, luggage misdemeanor pot, six grenades, Asyv mud, Ftyr, muffins, Ftyr , Koloocheh , onion stew……..

Although, her simple stove was made of several pieces of blocks and consumed fire woods, and was not a  five burner stove like the ones we have todays but the heat of her soup warmed residents of many houses in her neighborhood. When she cooked soup she distributed some bowls of it among her neighbors.


28  kettle and pot

28  carrying on head



Plying with snake

My mother was working on yhe farm one day in the summer.she decided to put me in the shade of an oak tree besibe our farm to keep me cool.


Always with mother

She returned an hour later to feed me.she noticed im playing with a big snake.she screamed and other ladies came to help her.the snake ran away when it noticed them.from that time on.she never put me down.she carried me with her everywhere she went.she never neglected a little bit,she took care of me carefully  day and night.


Brother and sisters

My parents had seven children.they had two sons and five daghters.i was the forth child of my parents.my brother was elder than me.in fact he was the first child of the family.

All of my six brother and sisters were illiterate.they didn’t attend school at all.i don’t know why my parents sent me to school.but as far as I know ,girls were not customary to send girls to schools.in those days.as a son my parent decided to invest on me send me to school.


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