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It’s interesting to say that Mahdiabad was our winter village.We went to our main village in Dodangeh 130 kilometers from Mahdiabad during the summer .We returned to this village the next winter or abandoned it and went to other villages.


The nature Mehdi Abad Village in my childhood

Although there is not even one square meter of r pasture in Mehdi Abad now, but this village was surrounded by many square kilometers of pastures in those days.It was considered as national resources

Some parts of this land was salt marsh and covered with Sazil plants .Sazils were a hedgehog like bush .It was one meter tall no animal ate them.


28  Sazils



There was a kind of      local grass under Sazils     called Shoor In many parts of this natural pasture. The shoor plant  looked like thornless cactuses. But these miniature cactuses  had many thin long capsule shape Leaves.


28  mushroom plant



It was always cloudy and the  ground was covered with grass.


28  grass and duck



The morning dew, washed the feet of men in this pasture.


28  dew on grass




Rain was falling forever.

28  rain


Different kinds of wild plants which we called  Paylem, Chemaz, Kangel, Zard t t  and …. Were abundant  everywhere .

28  paylem


There was a hare under each plant.

28  rabbit




Wild pomegranate bushes were innumerable.

28  pomegranate


There were bird nests everywhere.

28  bird nest


Everywhere was full of butterflies.

28  flying butterfly


The larvae of  Insects were everywhere, but it was not necessary to use any insecticide against them ,because there were so many birds that they ate them all.

28  worm



Tamarisk trees were also plentiful.

28  Tamarisk


There were many little marshes around the village which were formed by rain or flooding rivers.

28  marsh


There were lots of water lily in the marshes

28  water lily


These marshes  were full of fish, frogs, snakes, turtles and other marine animals.

28  holding turtle


Everywhere was ful of many types of native and migratory birds were. Voice of Geese and other migratory birds were heard  everywhere.

28  Geese


Nights were Starry and magnificent.

28  stary night sky


The sound of frogs  never stopped.

28  frog




The nature of mahdiabad in those days

The grass used the energy of the sun and minirals of soil to grow.

28  dew on grass


The aphid sucked the nectar of grass.

27 aphids



The ladybug ate the aphids

27 ladybug  and aphids



The frog ate the ladybugs.

27 frog eatings ladybugs



The snakes ate the frogs

27 snake swallowing a frog



The duck also ate the frogs

27 duck eating the frog



The eagl ate the snake and the ducks.

27 eagle eating a snake 27 duck eating the frog



The earthworms are digging in the hole

27 earthworm-digging


Locusts are eating the grass

27 grass_main_1493766a



the ants are gathering food

27 ant and grain seed



The millipedes are mashing with their countless feet

27 centipede



This nature was a paradise for me and the other kids to play in it.

17 1359497031_1345201395_image278




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