Our cottage


As mahdiabad was our temporary village, we made simple huts instead of expensive houses there.these huts were named koomeh.Koomehs were like African huts, without any facilities and were simple.

the first online grave

the first online grave

There was not any bedroom for me in the cottage.when I was a baby they swaddled  me firmly and put me a side.

25 swaddled

When I became a little bigger they put me in a cradle.

25 cradle

Our cottage haddnt any bathroom,too.my parents used public bath, but sometimes my mother washed me at home.she heated some water in a pot .then she washed me in a big bowl as a bathtube .it was very interesting for me.

25 mother washing baby


My mother didn’t have any washing mashine or dishwasher.she took the dishes and the clothes to the river and washed them there.

25 carrying dishes

Our comeh didn’t have any cabinet.our dishes were kept in a big pot in a corner of the coomeh.


25 dishes


Our precious things wre kept in a chest box.

25 chest box

We hadn’t wardrobe, instead we put our bedclothes in a big wrapper and tied it to put it aside for the next night to use.

25 bed clothes

We hadn’t electric light in our coomeh.we used a kerosene lantern.we hunged it with a hook on the wall of our hut to use it poor light.when we had a guest we used a kerocene lamp .its light was better than lantern but it used more keroscene .

25 lantern

25 lamp


It was very cold in our hut in winter.we gathered around the heater to warm ourselves.so our faces and hands were warm but our back iced.its impossibe for me to show the low temperature of our cottage to you in a few sentences.


25 بخاری-هیزمی


Its interesting to say that inspite of all of these difficulties, I thought our hut was uniquw in the world.

22-Earth and Hut


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