productive cottage


Its strange to say that our little cottage was used as textiles and milk factory.my mother made all kinds of thread and milk production and y by itself.Im very  glad that I had such productive parents.the result of their efforts helped many people of my country.


She made different kinds of thread by spinning the sheep wool.

24 spinning



She dyed the thread in different colours.

24 natural-dying



She made coarse blanket from these threads which we used it as a blanket or carpet.

24 coarse blanket


She made saddlebags that were laid on the back of a horse or donkey.it was used for motorbicycles too.

24 saddlebags


She made woolen bags that were used for different purposes

24 bag



She made different kinds of cloth for the shipherds both for cold and hot weather.their thickness were depended on the weather.She made nearly all the things that our family needed.

24 different clothes

She changed the milk into yoghurt.

29 yogurt


She made butter from yoghurt by a simple machine.

29 butter



The liquid that remained after producing butter was called whey.we used it for drinking and making a kind of

29 wheysoup.



Sometimes,she boiled the whey until it became thick.then she dried it in the sun to make kahk.

Kashk was used in making soup and other things.

29 Kashk



She produced cheese from the milk simply.

29 cheese



After producing cheese she boiled the liquid that were drained from cheese.then In this way .she got another material like cheese from this liquid which was called loor.loor was used like cheese but its

29 loor



After producing loor she boiled the liquid that were drained from loor.she boled it until the liquid became solid.it was called garagoroot.garagoroot was use fo flavouring food .it was sour and full of calcium.

29 ma7941

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