The first spring of my life

as I said I was born in winter.now, I wonder how my mother could keep me alive in that cold winter inside that little hut where we lived.it is enough to say if you put a bowl of water two mertes from the heater it would iced.


Fortunately, the winter passed and the first spring of my life began.everywhere you looked were green and fresh. Our hut shining among the nature like a negin on the world.the lands were covered with flowers and grass.all birds and animals were followed by their babies.

Cat and kitten

The cats were taking care of their kitten.


Cow and calf

The cows were licking their calfs skin to make them clean.

23 cow



Dog and puppy

The puppies were barking for their mother

23 dog



Duck and duckling

The duck was teaching her ducklings how to swim

23 ducklings



Fox and cub

The foxes were giving milk to their cubs

23 fox



Goat and kit

Goats were smelling their kids as a flower

23 goat



Goose and goosling

Goose and gooslings were swimming

23 geese



Horse and cult

The horse and its cult were running

23 horse



Owl and owlet

The owl and its owlets were looking at distant views

23 owl



Rabbit and bunny

The rabbit was teaching its bunnies how to hide themselves

23 rabbit



Sheep and lamb

The sheep was teaching her lambs how to graze

23 lamb



Turtle and hatchling

The turtle was leading its hatlings to pools.

23 tortoise



Turkey and poult

The poults hiding behind their mother.

23 turkey



Hen and chick

Hens were teaching their chicks how to eat their food by their bwaks




Frog and tadpole

The pools were full of tadpoles

23 small frogs




Pigeon and squab

squabs were sleeping beside their mother.

23 Pigeon



Crane chick

A crane and its chicks were marshing in the grass

23 crane



Dove and chick


Sewan and flapper

23 swan

A beautiful sewan and its flappers were swimming …





Hedgehog was teaching its hedgehoglets how to roll itself into a tight ball and pointing its quills out




My mother also took me everywhere she went.



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