My childhood in mahdiabad

My childhood memories in Mehdi Abad



As I said I was born in Mahdiabad.We stayed there five years.So I was very little and I do not remember much of those days, but I can quote a few memories of that time.



I fell down  from a horse and my chin was torn

One day while I was going somewhere with my mother on a horse , the horse was scared away and I fell to the ground. Unfortunately a sharp object tore my chin and went into  my mouth. If I drank water ,it would pour out from my chin. My mother took  me to the doctor immediately and they sutured it.I still remember the scenes that my mother took me to the doctor. The trace of that injury is steal on my chin

28  lady running a horse



DDT against Malaria

One day two men while holding some bottles in their hands  and  a sprayer pomp on their backs  entered our village .They sprayed all the houses and stagnant water of the village. Apparently the name of the pesticide was DDT .it was a very strong and stable so  it was abolished later. They were doing it to combat malaria. it killed other harmful pests ,too..  Although I was very young but I still remember the scenes of spraying.

28  DDT against Malaria



The day that I was immersed in water.

One day I was playing with a group of girls and boys at the same age at the edge of a marsh water in the village    ،     One of the girls pushed me and I fell into the marsh on the back. As I  didn’t know how to swim  and the marsh was very deep  I  immersed in the water in  less than a minute among the  screaming and crying of the kids. But I was lucky that a nearby man immediately threw himself into the marsh and pulled me out of it. Everyone thought I was dead at that moment but it did not happen. It is strange to say that I continued the same game with the same kids at the edge of the same marsh  in the afternoon of the same day. Good mind childhood.What a thoughtless kid I was!

28  immersed in water



We stuck our hands into the kapar through its window to get our smallpox shot.

One day we saw a  few stranger  men who had bags in their hands .We followed them curiously as they entered our village., We watched them  with much curiosity. They went to  the house of our village chief . a few minutes later the village chiefs son told us that they want to vaccinate all the kids of the village against small pox .I remember , we stuck our right hands into the Kapar through its window to receive our vaccination shot.  I do not know why the injection  place was infectious and its trace is still there. Anyway ,thanks to those people who attended in that distant village to vaccinate us

28  vaccination



The hard year and unworthy government caused all the sheep die.

When I was five years old, the pleasant nature of Mehdi Abad suffered from a severe cold weather. Snow accumulated on the ground and pastures so that the sheep were not able to graze. As it never snowed in this part of our country heavily before , no one  thought of emergency food for livestock like other cold places of the country. The former regime also had no emergency plan to save those animals in such cases. This situation caused, all the animals died  in less than twenty days. People say one of the shepherd woke up in one morning and noticed that all four hundred of his sheep , including a dog and a donkey died of hunger and coldness. He himself  died instantly after seeing that scene too. Later ,that year was named hard year by shepherds of that village .Since then they made this year the origin of their time .For example they said the x was born three years before hard year. Or y  went to the holy city of Mashhad two years after the hard year.

28  dead sheep


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