The games that we played in my childhood

There were not any kindergarten in my village when I was a child.we were sent strightly to primary school at 6 years old.we hadn’t any toys, so I played with everything I found.everything made me busy, even a little soil or a bowl of water.later on,when I become older my friends and I played different games.i introduce some  of them.these are the games that were common.



We jumped over a rope held in both ones hands or by two other people and passed repeatedly over the head and under the feet




Sliding down the hills on a peace of board or carton

26 sliding



We placed the center of a piece of long tree branch on a big stone while one of us sitting at each end,which fall and down alternately.

26 see-saw


Walnut game

We placed two or other wulnuts on eachother and throw one other walnut or a stone two


Alak Dolak

Plaing Alak Dolak

26 alak dolak




It was a game in which each of us in turn leaped with opened legs over another who was bending.

26 Leap-frog


Playing marbles

26 marble 26 marble game


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