My family moved to Yekkehtoot village after the hard year

my parents regularly changed their (winter resort) according to situation of pastures,. As far as I know they also lived in Muhammad Abad and Bargeh of Sari Before my birth . But after the hard year, while returning from the countryside they did not return to the Mehdi Abad of Behshahr.They moved to the Yekkehtoot village.It was Zaghmarz village of Behshahr city.they appointed it for their winter resort for a few years.


The Yekkehtoot village in my childhood

The Yekkehtoot village was consist of about forty Kapars in those days , These Kapars belonged to shepherds who had migrated from the countryside of our region like Tilek, Ateni, Baladeh, Ghalah and several other villages to spend the falls and winters there.This village was surrounded by endless pastures .There was a river two hundred meters from Yekkehtoot in the south. There were plenty of fish in that river.

02 river


There was a big marsh between Yekkehtoot and the Caspian sea .It was a few hundred wide and many kilometers long.Its name was Lapoo.

02 flying cranes

02 a boat


Inside the Lapoo was full of fish and a variety of local and migrant birds .If somebody fired a gun, all of them flew and they filled the sky of the area in a few minutes.

02 sea birds


I still remember the scene that zaghmarzi villagers shot at the row of migrating geese and they fell down one by one .

02 shtting the birds


The pasture of Yekkehtoot village in those days.
Yekkehtoot had an endless pasture. There were wild pomegranate trees all around the village and its pasture. If somebody looked it from a distant point he would think that it was a pomegranate garden.



The ground was full of grass. The birds built their nests among the pomegranate trees and other shrubs. Many birds built their nests on the ground in the grass, specially under the bushes.

02 eggs and nest
There were many flocks of Goats and sheep in that pasture, Therefore wolves constantly s attacked those flocks and caused damages.

02 dead sheep



Deceitful foxes not only robbed the eggs of wild but also they took poultry and even the lambs of livestock away.

02 fox and hen

02 a fox and a lamb


There were huge dinosaur like buffalos in the marshes.

02 buffalo


You could see passion of life in both human and wild life. Anyhow it was a virgin land. it was a good place for me and other playful and adventurous kids. Our food was wild fruits and a piece of bread everyday .Our Entertainment was riding on a piece of wood as a horse .Sometimes we rolled a bicycle ring or tube to have a competition.We didn’t have any radio or tv in our village in those days.

02 playing with rings


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