Some of my memories about the time when we lived in Yekkehtoot village.

I was six years old When we lived in Yekkehtoot.I had many memories in Yekkehtoot village that I’ll quote a number of them.


What happened to me on my first day of school

There was no school in Yekkehtoot village. So we had to go to Zaghemarz village that was three kilometers away from Yekkehtoot. our school name in Zaghmarz was Attar. It still persists in the same place with the same name, but in a new building .Anyhow ,I was sent to school with a few others that were second grade or more,at the first of my school day. I got scared seeing all the girls and boys When I entered the school yard. I seized the hands of our neighbor who was in grade fifth and not let him go away from me. I felt lost. I was separated from him by force and was taken to the classroom of the first grade .

03 student crying


Our teacher in the first grade was very young and lovely

I was relatively short and had a weak body in first grade of primary school. Although I had plenty of talents, but I did not pay much attention to studying and doing my homework. It is said that Einstein was immersed in the study of formulas and scientific problems ,so he often forgot small things .Just the opposite of him, I was too busy in playing to do my homework .It was no wonder if I left my bag at school because of my playfulness. Since the teachers had more patience in those days ،our teacher in the first grade of primary school Mr. Ali Akbar Chahardehi tried hard to make us successful students .Indeed he succeeded. he was young and had a childish face so our fear faded and we became fond of both our teacher and the books in the first session.


 Our teacher invented the first mobile pencil.

I lost my pencil every day in the first year of elementary school and it caused my parents got into troubles. My teacher Mr. Ali Akbar Chahardehi solve that problem creatively. He took my pencil, made a groove a centimeter from the bottom of it and tied a thread on it, then he tied the other end of this thread to one of the button holes of my coat and put the pencil in my pocket like a pocket watch. Since then if I forgot to take the pencil after writing the thread pulled the pencil after me so I noticed it and put it into my pocket. In this way he invented the world’s first mobile pencil and showed that all educational techniques are not written and teachable .Most of the time we should find the solution to our students problems ourselves.


Our neighbors cat spied on me for our teacher.

As I said ,our first teacher was Mr. Chahardehi was a hardworking and creative man. He always induced us to study by using his different methods., For example ,he told us if we didn’t study our lessons our neighbor’s cat which was his spy would report it to him. . Unluckily , our neighbor’s cat was always in our Kapar. every time that cat entered our Kapar I prepaired my books and notebooks and started to study very politely. I continued studying until the cat left our Kapar itself. due to childhood I feed the cat with the best food not knowing that this would cause the cat come to our Kapar more frequently .The cat sometimes sat beside the open books because he knew whenever the book is open the food would come, too.However, our teachers trick worked well, and I passed with good marks in that year.


03 the boy and the cat

03 cat and book

03 a cat studying

Our principle made an highway on my head.

Our principle asked us to cut our hair short. He issued us an ultimatum to do it in three days otherwise he would cut our hair from our foreheads to our necks and make a highway on the heads.

We’ve neglected his command because of our playfulness. At the appointed day he brought an electric scissors and cut our hair from our foreheads to our necks .

When the final bell went ,I went home while my palm was on my head to hide the funny highway.

03 cutting his hair


I was hunted instead of a bird.

We lived in Yekkehtoot village but we went to Zaghmarz every morning to attend the primary school and returned home in the evening .On a rainy day when I We were returning home from school I fell behind the others because I was very small, They let me alone and went home. As the road between Yekkehtoot and Zaghemarz was Malraux in those days. suddenly. I fell into the deep mud and I went down to the neck in it.So that my nose was a few centimeters upper than the mud. My feed stuck in in the mud and I could not come out. If the intensity of the rain increasd too much and the water level raised a little more, I would suffocate. Or if someone did not find me I would freeze during the night., But after an hour one of my Citizen named Mr. Ghasemi noticed me in the mud from far away .First he thought that I was a bird in the mud . intending to hunt the bird, he came closer to me. he decided to hit the bird with his walking stick in order not to let it to fly. But getting closer, he recognized me .took me out of mud and accompanied me to my house . Thus he rescued me from a certain death.

03 in the mud


Once I was punished because I felt I was a rich kid.

One day in the first year of elementary school our principle entered our classroom to collect money for school expenses. He asked us whose father was rich. Nobody answered except me. Even one of the boys whose father had a few hundred acres of land didn’t answer. But I faithfully answered my father was very rich (Because it was the previous night that I saw him counting the money he earned by selling one sheep .although the money was too low but as a child it looked very high for me) ) He gave me a note and asked to bring five tomans the next day. But he asked the rest of the students to bring one or two tomans. I told my mother what had happened as soon as I reached home. she picked up a broomstick and chased me .She shouted at me repeatedly and said:
Bad boy ! where is your fathers money that you see it but I?! However, the next day, my mother came to the school and explained the story and promised my father would bring firewood for the school instead of money .

03 banknote


Searching for a literate person to teach me .

there were very few literate people in the villages in my childhood .People in our village mostly were shepherd so they were all illiterate except two of them. Therefore, if someone entered the village as a guest I would ask my parent whether he was literate or not .If I realize that the person was literate I took my book and follow him to teach me.

03 writing


We gave the pirates a pick-a back ride to their den.
There was a great marsh in the north side of Yekkehtoot village which was called Lapoo. ( I mean the great marsh that we crossed it via a bridge when we wanted to go to the Caspian sea through Zaghmarz village.) One day We decided to play pirate game in the Lapoo.In that game the loser had to give the winner a pick-a back ride to the village. bad luck caused two fishermen boats which were tied to a tree near the Lapoo attracted our attention .We were divided into two groups and sail the boats to the middle of Lapoo We took some Tiny wild pomegranates with us as bullets to shoot at the opposite group. Each group was considered the winner if it targeted more .Suddenly, one of the boys in our group shouted in the middle of the battle that there was a hole at the bottom of our boat and we were sinking .If the boat sank we all would drown. because we did not know how to swim ,Being helpless what to do It came to our mind to take the hat of the bald boy of our group to empty the water. While empting the water with the hat .we sailed fast towards the shore. The enemy boat didn’t noticed our problem and continued shelling until we reached the shore. However, our failure was due to a technical fault of the boat but it was not accepted. so we had to give the winner a pick-a back ride to the village .

03 1359451682_1345194489_image051

03 sailling the boat


On a cold winter night my mother burned some of the Kapar to save us from freezing

Those days the weather was so cold that that ice stalactites reached from the edge of houses roof to the ground . we used these ice stalactites as fencing swords and played with them. The ice on the marshes was so thick that we could walk on it . If the fire in our Kapar was put out at a night we all would freeze. One night we ran out of firewood ,the Kapar became so cold that we began to freeze.My mother smashed the internal wooden parts of the Kapar and burned them to save our life. . She was a brave mother.

03 fire and flame


I experienced not having mother a few weeks

The story began from the point that one day I noticed a crowd in front of our house when I returned home from school .Some ladies who were our relatives began to cry and started wailing when they saw me .By entering our home, I realized that an ox struck my mother and tore her abdomen. They immediately took her to Zaghemarz to suture her injuries and saved her from a certain death. After this accident my mother was in bed for several weeks. she was not able to cook and take care of us during that time., so we were practically without mother. Our health and nutrition level declined so much that I will never forget those days .I understood the importance of mother and her role in our life more after that accident. ‘For that time on, if I noticed that a student didn’t have mother I would become very impressed.

03 tear


a big pot of yoghurt and being punished by my elder sister

I love yoghurt too much . So that every time I eat yoghurt I feel that Im eating a delicious ice cream. I never get fed up of eating it. My wife blamed me mostly for eating all the yoghurt in our frig. she tells you forget the share of the rest of the family when you are eating yoghurt. There are many stories about my desire in loving yoghurt, I quote one of them here.
, One day my elder sister and I were at home alone, and the rest of the family had gone to work . It was my elder sisters turn to stay at home and cook lunch for the others , She went into our garden to weed it for about an hour during the day .I took advantage of her absence and went towards the yoghurt pot. At the beginning ,I decided to eat a spoonful of yogurt, but unfortunately I emptied half of the pot. I tried not to let my sister recognize it so I poured the rest of the yoghurt into a bowl which was smaller than the pot, and flattened its surface ,so that she does doesn’t understand it .I did it and I decided not to eat of that yoghurt again in that day.. But I could not control myself ,so I told myself let me eat just one spoon more .I wish I had eaten just one spoon of that yoghurt but I ate so much that I emptied half of the bowl , too .Then I brought a smaller bowl and poured the rest of the yoghurt into it. Then I washed the dishes and promised myself manly not to eat the yoghurt in the bowl. But my hand moved towards the spoon itself to fetch me just one spoon of yoghurt .My sister entered before the spoon touch the bowl. She said:
, You washed the dishes ?! whats your new mischief?
She took a look around the room and went towards the broomstick .Soon I understood that she found out my fault. After receiving a blow I immediately jumped out, ran away from the room.

03 yughurt


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