We migrated from Yekkehtoot to Khorshid village
we lived in Yekkehtoot For two years and were pretty happy there. One of my fathers friends named Haji Timor Ghuliyan from Khorshid village suggested that we make Khorshid our winter place and migrate from Yekkehtoot to Khorshid.After that we migrated to Khorshid and were stationed in its Choopanboneh forever.That place was very different from Mehdi Abad and Yekkehtoot


The story of the forgotten nature of Khoshid village

I spent a few years of my childhood in the Khorshid village.This village was a green and virgin land.. It would be a pity if I do not recall the natural landscape of that time (around 1345).

04 forest

Around the village was full of forests. There was small farms in the middle of the forests for cultivation.

.04 rice

Most people did animal husbandry. The forests were crowded with herds of sheep buffalos , cows and horses.

04 cows in the forest

There were plenty of jackals, wolves, pigs and …… in that dense forest.

04 wolf in the forest

There was water under many trees.
You could find plenty of fish in those water.
. There was a wonderful view when they ploughed the fields in Autumn. because thousans of crows apeared over the ploughed field. While some of them been peckin on the ground the cothers were comming down like the water of a waterfall.

04 crows

A little farther a hawk was chasing the starlings in the sky .The starlings were so many that looked a piece of cloud in the sky.

04 hunting

The wild fat pigeons were wandering on the ground and in the sky.

04 pigeons and cows
Most houses in the village had a wooden second floor that watermelons, melons, garlics and onions were hanged from them for the use of the rest of the year.

04 wooden house
Woodpecker and the nightingales interrupted the silence of the woods.

04 nest
Winters were so cold that the ice-covered the surface of all water. The ices were so thick that we could walk on them. Stalactites of ice were hung from edges of house roofs .They were one meter long .

04 hanging ice
The foods of the people were non-chemical. Because they used the meat of local poultry, fish of seaoooling and marshes, vegetables of their own gardens ,home goose and duck eggs and they sometimes used wild fruits too. I remember that this area was full of forests and forest fruits such as raspberry, grape, apple, quince, wild plum medlar and etc.., I loved wild fruits and ate them every day

04 raspberry

There was a huge Abandan instead of the current girls’ school . There were many trees in that abandan.There were many bird nests on those trees .Its water was full of otters, fish, turtles and frogs. some men were Always hunting by using boats or swimming .

04 marsh
There were forests around this Abandon


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