My memories in Khorshid village
The Choopanboneh of Khorshid was an virgin and unique place in the area. Tall trees, abundant water, , high grass and various wild life was the special characteristics of its nature., The only problem of mine was abundant of girls in that village. Every family had at least five daughters., But the only boy at same age of mine was someone called Ali that we played together all the times .although we quarreled constantly with each other but we never were angry with each other. I have a lot of memoirs in that village that I will quote a few of them.


Bastinado or mathematics healing medicine
my math was not ideal In the third grade while I was studying at Ferdosi elementary school in Khorshid. It is better to say that I was too weak at it.One day, As I did not do my mathonce again. Our teacher Mr. Frshtyan asked one of the kids in my school named Sohrab to go home and bring a twig from their pomegranate tree. The boy who had a grudge against me brought a stick that looked like a spring. However, Mr. Fereshtyan bastinadoed me. he beat ten times on every of my soles of my feet and palms of my hands with the pomegranate stick. when the fortieth stroke had touched the sole of my foot I had passed out .After regaining my consciousness I realized that I could not walk due to my feet pain .They asked my mother to come to school and pick me up and take me to home . when I came back to school the next day ,I felt that it was easy for me to understand the math problems. I got better in math day by day. Later I became so good at mathematics that I chose math course in high school and won all of math competitions .Now I believe mathematics was effective in all of my life from teaching English to other matters. I always say I owe math more than English. It was the mathematics that created these innovative learning and teaching methods in me. anyhow I think the punishment of that day was a healing medicine for me that changed the my life .apparently after punishment I paid much attention to the lesson so that not to be punished again and that caused my progress in math.


Why corporal punishment is not the solution today?
It should be noted that corporal punishment was for ancient times. Because kids mental growth was less than their corporal growth at that times.. The experience proved that today corporal punishment is counterproductive.


The game of Rostam and Esfandiar and my trick

I went to school with one of my relative named Ali every day .We played after returning from school in the streets in leisure times. He was stronger than me and always he won the fights, so it was a problem for me.
While saying goodbye at the end of each day I got the advantage of his negligence and kicked him heavily before jumping into our house. He usually came to my house to go to school together the next day. All of these fights didn’t cause to become angry with each other .because we didn’t have any other friends to play with .
One day we decided to play in the style of Rostam and Esfandiar fighting .Then We rode our donkeys , while putting a copper bowl on our head as helmets and a ladle in our hands as our maces and took a pot lid in our hands as shields , went in to the streets to pursue eachother. In the middle of the game I Suddenly realized that our teacher Mr. Frshtyan is coming towards us., I didn’t tell it to my friend Ali because I wanted him to be punished. So I knocked at his shield and told him jokingly:
Rostam said to Esfandiar
Im hungry fetch me some bread
I told him that I was hungry .Either he or me should go home and fetch some bread. I added it was better for him to stay there until I got home, got bread because our house was nearer., I went home and let him alone in the street with his funny clothes.. A little later our teacher Mr. Fereshtiyan ran into him .Ali was very surprised .He understood my trick soon.
But I arrived my home before Mr. fereshtiyan see me .I spread a carpet in front of our Kapar and began to study while my back was toward the road, pretending not to see them. I wanted to show my teacher that I was better than Ali. A few minutes later my teacher came and saw me studying .He encouraged me a lot for being dutiful .He also encouraged me in front of the students the next morning .This caused another fighting between Ali and me……………


05 riding donkey

05 boy doing his homework

The only prey in my life was a poor hoopoe.
Most of the boys in my childhood had a slingshot (here is called a resin). slingshot was made of a piece of Y shape wood and a piece of sheep skin and two elastic ribbons .they hunted birds with this simple weapon. One day I decided to hunt birds with my friends slingshot. A moment later I saw a Hoopoe on the ground in front of me .It was looking for his favorite food. Every time pecking the ground he looked around not to be to be attacked suddenly. It seemed very majestic with his crest and beautiful feathers. Seeing the hoopoe I picked up a little gravel and put it inside the slingshot , got ready to shoot .I shot at him when he raised his head. The poor bird was shot in his chest and fell to ground. I never thought I could shot down a bird at the first day of my hunting. I thought it would take me weeks to learn how to use that weapon. I was not mentally prepared to kill a bird at all. However the hoopoe was killed and I buried it in a corner sadly .Then I decided not to hunt for ever.

05 1359475318_1345198762_image078

playing with a wolf because of childhood ignorance might lead to my friends death.
Hearing the sound of a gun fire in the village in a snowy day, I went to the place and saw a stranger dog was shot down .I asked my friends about the dog., they said:
We found that stranger dog in the village an hour ago. As it was dizzy and rotated around itself, we played with it .but Mr. karimi came here a few minutes ago, and asked all of us to stand aside from that dog and fired at it at once. Now he says that the dog is a wolf. It ate toxic meat at somewhere and entered the village by mistake
It unbelievably looked like a dog. Now that I have seen many wolves in the zoos and many films I realized that was really a wolf. My friends were very lucky for not being killed by the dizzy wolf.

05 dead wolf

Wow! Greeting’s taunts?!
One day our principle after praying for the king and a little introduction told us:
It is your duty to say hello to the elders. You must follow this Islamic tradition and humanity.
Also threatened:
If someone informs me that you didn’t say hello to the elders in the village ill punish you.
returning home after our principle advices, I saw a girl who was much older than me. she was sitting with a bundle of firewood and a sickle under a tree to rest .I hesitated to say her hello or not., because she was apparently a lot bigger than me and as our principle said I was obligatory to say hello to her. Thought to myself:
If I don’t say hello to her, someone may inform our principle and he may punish me
So I ran a risk and told him loudly:
Since it was not customary for the boys to say hello to stranger girls in those days, she got angry and ran after me with her sickle . I escaped from her and throw myself into our kapar like a bomb. My mother was frightened and asked me:
Is a tiger running after you?!
I replied ;
I wish a tiger was running after me!
My mother asked again then who chased you?
I answered a girl !
Then I described her the adventure ,she laughed and said:
You taunted the girl in return you’re waiting for her encouragement?! She was right to chase you.Yes friends, I just found out the meaning of taunts that day.

05 the girl

we did not know what the cinema was until we were in the sixth grade of primary school..

When I was in primary school in Khorshid.They dint teach sixth grade of primary
school there .So my classmates and I went to Tazehabad primary school to study it there. in those days one of my classmates called Mr. Qanbar Varyany went sari city to visit one of his relatives. they took him to the cinema., when he came to school he told us that he went to the cinema., we asked him What the Cinema was. He answered that they were looking at a white wall (screen) when suddenly a man appeared on the and walked along the river and began to sing.
We wondered and asked:
how it was possible for a man to walk on the white wall? How didn’t the water spill?
He explained:
It happened! But he didn’t know how it was possible.
But today newly born babies watch a few cartoons right after berth then let the midwife cut their umbilical cord..

05 cinema

Wrestler who knew only one style
A man named Mr.Lutfi lived in Zaghmarz village who was very rich. He was also a big landowner. Many farmers cooperated with him in his farm. My family also cooperate with him too. One day while Mr. Lutfi and his farmers were talking on his farm they decided to wrestle . he wrestled with a few of them and knocked all of them down. I was watching the wrestling . he came towards me and jokingly said that it was my turn to wrestle with him.., I was standing in front of him so he attacked me .First he wanted to pick me up on his hands. So he bent down over me to take my waist from the back and lift me up. I immediately got to work and carried on the first and last of my wrestling techmic.so I seized his hands locked my hands on to them and throw back myself. He did not notice that I’m running my technic so he was taken off the ground and was thrown towards my back and fell down firmly on the ground. It seemed that a lumber has been dropped from the top of a high building .His nose was injured and the blood made his shirt red. All the other farmers were very nervous and shouted at me that why I did that. In response, Mr. Lotfi said this child is not guilty. It was my fault that I wrestled with someone who was much smaller than me., He said With a sigh and groan:
Lord, what do I answer people .shall I tell them Mustafa knocked me down?!

05 wrestling

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