The boy who loved studying , was forced to quit school.

When I completed the sixth year of elementary school successfully, I was sure that I would go to high school . but I heard from my parents that as my elder brother had to go to the military service and I had to quit school in order to help them. Although my brother was exempt from military service before beginning of school year , but they insisted that I should quit school .and as a result they didn’t sent me to school.. I was forced to leave school . I took the cows and sheep to the pasture. In this way I became a shepherd. although I gradually became interested in this new job .But my interest in studying and hope to continue it in high school never faded. I had my books and notebooks with me all of those days to read and write different subjects .Little by little I felt I was able to write poems and stories.


Memories of quitting school and being a Shepherd

Bitter and sweet memories of this period are a lot. I quote Few moments of it in a new and live style for you . I hope you’ll like it.


Description of few moment of one day when I was a shepherd

It is nearly midday, I got my cows into the woods 200 meters away from Khorshid village to graze. This part of the forest is covered with huge trees. Under the trees is covered with grass. Wild grapes is found on some trees .wild Fruits like pomegranate, quince, apple ,wild plum, medlar and …. are plentiful . But it is raspberry season now, and most of them have been ripe. I picked some clusters of ripe raspberry and I am eating them with bread. They are very delicious.

06 bakckberry

There is a marsh in front of me . its water went down because of the sun heat .You can see fish leaping inside it. I caught one of them half an hour ago

06 marsh

Now, I set a fire to grill the fish.

06 setting a fire
Look! an eagle dived into the water and caught a fish Just now.


06 eagle and fish

Look! there ,please ! a squirrel is coming out of its nest from a tree trunk. It is playing on the braches.I think either it hasn’t seen me or it is not afraid of me at all.

06 oak nest

My cows are grazing a little farther from me. Some white birds are sitting on them. The cows are apparently pleased because they do not move them away by their tails.
06 cows
My dog is sitting in front of me and looks at my eyes, I wish it was able to talked with me. I have many questions about dogs that I do not know the answers. Let me throw a bit of bread in front of him to eat. Oh, take it my nice dog. Yea, he took and ate it immediately. Now it is licking its mouth .it seems that he wants it again

06 dog

Oh ! a lot of ants gathered on my clothes. Oh I’m just sitting on their nest entrance. Okay I will change my place a few centimeters not to disturb them,now I am away from their nest and they will let me alone. I think here is ok . there is not any ants here.

06 ants

I hear some barking dogs coming towards me. Maybe they are going to attack me. I can’t t still see them. Shrubs and trees don’t let my eyes see them., But their barking show that they are getting closer to me every moment .Now I see them, they’re chasing a rabbit. The rabbit is running just towards me. Come! Come to me ! nice rabbit, Come to me ! Oh no, seeing me changed its direction and went away. Now my dog caught up with them .they went away .Now this part of the forest became very calm.

06 dongs running after rabbit

Let me lie down a little because I am very tired. Who is pouring the trashes over me! Oh, it is a woodpecker . It is just above me on the tree trunk and pecking it to pull out larvae and give them to her chicks.

06 woodpecker

What an interesting view ! There is a bee nest on another tree in front of me., Look the crowd of the bees. unfortunately, if villagers see them they will cut down the tree with an ax to take the honey away.. I should not show their nest to anyone.

06 bees on the tree

just now a little bird flew towards me several times and took the attack mode. Let me see what is the problem of this little bird.Why is it attacking. What have I down against her?!

06 little bird

Oh it’s nest is just in a wild pomegranate plant one meter away from me., Look, her beautiful chicks. what big mouths they have .There is also an egg in her nest. It is better for me to go under another tree not to interrupt them.

06 chicks and egs

Well here is better, it is not only in the shade but also I will not bother the ants and that little bird. Sitting in the shade is joyful. I hear the sound of plants collide .It seems that my dog is coming . Oh , it is not my dog It is a fox that has a rabbit in his mouth .It halted a little, now it is running away. Jackal! Jackal!……. very bad it went away.! It ran away very easily.

06 rabbit and fox

I don’t know, if I salted the fish or not ,it seems I rather did not !Let me fetch some salt from my backpack which is on the ground.
What a bad a tragedy! A snake is going toward my bag .now ,it went under my backpack, and stick out its head out like a turtle and is looking at me. what a long tongue it has, it seems it is making a face at me . I lift my backpack up with a stick. well here is my backpack .but the snake is still in its place. it didn’t move.. let me tickle her with the stick. Well I tickled it, and he ran attack at my stick once and Now it is going away . Bye bye .I hope I will not meet you here again.

06 snake

Now it is just time for me to lie down before the fish gets ready. I can relax.Oh , a crow is fighting with an eagle above in the sky. Apparently the crow is defending its nest. It dives in the air and croaks. Their movement remind me fighting aircrafts of World War I.

.06 crow and eagle

A tree frog is singing on a tree leaf.

06 frog and tree

Now I can hear a howling jackal which is away from me.

06 yeiling fox

The fish is cooKed,Its very delicios .Help yourself,please

06 roasting a fish

To be continued

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