01 character and thoughts

barcode scanner showed these results about me

type of specious: human , adult, born bare, now clothed ,alive, male, married ,ordinary ,lowest price , not purchasable ,not eternal  ,unchargable

Name: Moustafa

Surname: Poursina

Father: Mr. Gatbaba

Mother:Mrs. Kobra

Date of birth:

Place of birth:


Color of eyes:black

Height: 172 cm.


Blood type: A+

Shoe size:31



Religion:muslim but I appreciate all religions

Educational quality:B.A.


Primary language:persian

Second language:English

Number of wives:one

Occupation of wife:housewife

Number of children:3

Gender of children:sons

Marital status:married

Addiction: I have never smoked even one cigarette.

Behavior: humor

Financial: normal in my country

Health condition: Im very healthy.

Dependence: God and my wife.

Fear:Im not afraid of anybody except God.

Lying: im a very bad lier, so I never tell a lie.

Jealous: I can control it.

Amount of daily sleep: I sleep 5 hours every 24 hours.

Culinary: very low

Sympathy: I sympathize the babies, the old, the patients and the people who are ruled by a crazy leaders in every part of the world.


Daily amount of study:9 hours

Appearance: Im admired by my mother and wife but nobody else admired my appearance.

Fashion: ordinary

Loan: no loan

Savings: I have no savings

Personal interests:

Favorite fruits: apricot and pears

Food: bread with yoghurt

Movies: western, action and sci movies

Sport: boxing

Hobby: gardening



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